How to Contribute

The Will of the Ancients would not be possible without the collective efforts of Panzer Dragoon fans throughout the world. Below are some ways that you can help.

Submit Some Content

We are always looking for new Panzer Dragoon content to add to The Will of the Ancients. If you believe that you have some suitable new content, please let us know via the forums. Likewise, if you see any mistakes or can suggest improvements to existing content on the website, please get in touch.

Submissions of new articles should be emailed to in a document, preferably .rtf or .doc format. Please do not submit articles in plain text or in the body of the email as this can lead to formatting issues. If you wish to submit large files such as video clips, please contact us and we can arrange for the file to be uploaded to our web server via FTP.

Contribute to the Encyclopaedia

Our goal is to make the encyclopaedia on The Will of the Ancients the best and most complete resource for the Panzer Dragoon series on the Internet. If you’re interested in contributing, you can do one of several things. The easiest thing you can do is help improve the existing encyclopaedia entries by pointing out typos, grammical errors, or other mistakes. Going further, you can suggest sentences or paragraphs that offer new information or insights about aspects of the series. Finally, if you’re interested in writing a whole new encyclopaedia entry, please contact us to check that it is okay to work on that particular entry (so that we don’t end up with duplicate entries).

Make a PayPal Donation

If you don’t have the time to contribute new content to the website, there is the option of helping us out financially instead. Go to, click on the “Personal” tab, and then click on “Send Money”. From here, you can fill out a form which will transfer money to the site’s founder. In the “To (Email)” field, enter the email address When selecting a payment type, click on the “Personal payments” tab, and select “Others”. All donations go towards paying the site’s web hosting fees.

Create a Webfaction Account

If you run your own website and are thinking of switching webhosts, consider changing to Webfaction and support The Will of the Ancients in the process. By signing up to Webfaction via this Affiliate link, you will save us money on our hosting plan.